On a dog leash through Switzerland

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Hundeleine / EroniteA 20-year-old Swiss girl from the canton of Aargau and her boyfriend from Zurich, two years younger than her, are both into unusual things: Both belong to the gothic scene, wear black clothes and are usually painted white – all over their faces. But because they both also indulge in Petplay, they go for a walk together. The boy, who just turned 18 in January, walks his girlfriend like a dog on a two-meter leash.

When they wanted to take the bus through Basel at the beginning of February, the driver intervened without further ado and complimented the young man and his „pets„. Other bus drivers even refused to let them on with the dog leash when they wanted to continue with another line.

A dog leash causes a riot in court

The unusual couple complained about discrimination, but the Swiss Federal Courts declared that the bus drivers‘ behaviour was merely for the safety of all passengers, as the line could cause dangerous entanglements when braking – and was therefore completely legal. The judgment is already legally binding.

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