8.11. – Violetta Angel celebrates her birthday!

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Violetta Angel’s birthday ♬♩

You’ll never guess what she did for her first money

On 8 November celebrates
Violetta Angel
birthday! From the whole Team of the Eronite the very best congratulations and all the best for your day of honour, dear Violetta Angel

Violetta Angel Geburtstag - Herzlichen Glückwunsch von EroniteVioletta Angel may be responsible for the fact that your search has come to an end and with a little luck she might even take you to seventh heaven. Clearly: the sexy girl from Berlin looks like an angel, but can also be quite diabolical. Just let your craziest dreams and boldest fantasies come true with her. You just have to dare to bite the mega-hot camgirl Violetta Angel. But there is one thing you should not do: make them wait (too) long! She can be furious and you certainly do not want to experience that. You’d rather have Violetta Angel eating out of your hand and working your dick, right? There are hardly any men who would refuse this offer. Or do you?

♬♩ Happy birthday, Violetta Angel, happy birthday to you…

Natural horniness and zealousness distinguish erotic amateur Violetta. She loves sex in the great outdoors and loves to be photographed outdoors. Even if she’s just getting laid and she’s getting laid good. Preferably from doggy back because that loves Violetta Angel total. In this position she also reaches the climax the fastest.

Der Schwanz als Zauberstab und sensible Antenne

Birthdays porn stars and starlets

At the chalk cliff on Rügen Violetta Angel took some of the sharpest photos – stark naked and heavenly seductive. On the island in the Baltic Sea, however, she not only shot amateur porn and had herself photographed, but also pursued completely different desires there – eating! Violetta Angel swears by German cuisine and prefers to eat Schnitzel. No kidding! She also loves „Sex on the beach“. And not just as a drink. ;-)

The Violetta Angel birthday today – all the best!

By the way, did you know what Violetta Angel earned her first money with? Babysitting? Mow the lawn? Paper route? No, far from it. It was – without flax and crumbs – indeed a hand job! Who would have really believed the Violetta Angel, the girl next door?

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