7 days state of emergency in Southern France

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Texaspatti privately on a swingers holiday in Cap d’Adge

Double anal fuck during the state of emergency in Southern France

For exactly 11 years now I have been going to the South of France to the notorious Cap d’Agde and this time we really had seven days of exception in the South of France with a lot of carnal pleasure. The small sleepy place is a swingers‘ stronghold. Better yet, a Swinger’s paradise. And long before my decision to give my fullest passion to the hottest job in the world, I followed my greatest passion, swinging!

Doppelanalfick beim Ausnahmezustand in SüdfrankreichI love and live sex

Here at Cap d’Agde I can have sex without having to give up anything. Couples upon couples, men upon men, at every corner it goes round and round – highly attractive and above all all are willing. You can’t imagine it, Sodom and Gomorrah are not against it.

But now to the course of my day: Most of the time I get up around 8 am and do my usual workout, to have the basis for a hammgeile party afterwards. Those who know me know that I hardly ever drink anything, but here in Cap every year is the absolute exception. When I’ve eaten something, I usually go to the beach. Chill, sunbathe and enjoy how horny people are already in the morning. It is not rare that a nice attractive man makes me the offer to massage me.

Patrick always has a grin on his face because he knows that the good man is about to be sucked dry. It is nice to see how the cute guys think I fall for the massage, while they fall for my blowjob ;-) In the end I not only got my massage, but also my reward in the form of a horny load of the valuable stuff that the potent men give me in the state of emergency in the south of France.

Four or five dicks make me happy

After visiting the beach we (Patrick and me) are drawn to the beach bar. With a fantastic view of the sea and a cool drink we always like to plan the next months of my career: What do we want to achieve on Venus ? Which films do we want to produce in the future ? Who do we want to meet at the many B2B trade fairs? But most of the time it boils down to what we will probably experience later at a mousse party in glamour.


The glamour is the swingers club here in Cap d’Agde. During the day a horny outdoor foam party, which always ends in a total orgy, and in the evening an elegant erotic club. I like the „daytime“ version more, because seeing and being seen is not my thing. I’d rather have four or five cocks around me to play with!

Trailer: Studio Bizarr / Die Epsilon-Sklaven

Doppelanal beim Ausnahmezustand in SüdfrankreichExtra sausage? I want the juice of men – and I want it first of all!

A queue of about 300 couples stands in front of the glamour. They wait for the gates of lust to finally open. Since I have been here for years and glamour has become an advertising partner, we have a kind of „fast lane ticket“. Normally I don’t like to get a extrawurst, but in this case I gladly accept this privilege because first of all it is incredibly hot here and secondly I wants the juice of the men first! After all, there is a state of emergency in the south of France.

Today I have firmly resolved to finally experience a double anal fuck. In certain productions I was allowed to experience this, but privately it is a little bit hornier. The men don’t have to watch the camera and can dangerously happen. I’ll be honest: There’s nothing worse than when men fuck me softly and slowly. I need it then already rather hard and fast, but especially when they work my ass.

If you don’t splash me, don’t bother coming back.

After a small drink and a two checking eyes I have found my potential pleasers. Patrick and I go into the foam and the ones who are supposed to be, they quickly realize that they have to follow. What happens then is always a dream. An hour or two I’ll be working with everything they’ve got. This may read a bit humiliating for some people, but for me it’s the greatest thing: All my holes are used, my hair is pulled, which is soaking wet, my neck is slightly choked and my butt cheeks are clapped with a good taste :)


The finale must not be withheld from me under any circumstances – and if someone fucked me without splashing me, he doesn’t need to come back either. So it came as it should come, fucked away in the hottest way and from top to bottom full of horny sperm I go to take a shower to take care of my drink again. Already today I am looking forward to next year in the Swingerparadise Cap d’Adge, when the state of emergency in the south of France will be declared again for us swingers!

Your Texas Patti (www.texaspatti.club)

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